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What is Study Legal English?

On this website you will find the free Study Legal English Podcast and a free  legal English blog. Serious learners can become Podcast Pro Members and access further learning materials. The Study Legal English Podcast aims to help busy lawyers and law students around the world like you, become fluent in legal English. The podcast launched in September 2017 and is now listened to in over 70 countries worldwide, with an average listenership of over 1000 per month. 

The podcasts can be downloaded from iTunes onto your phone or computer so you can learn at anytime and at your own pace. If you don’t have extra time for studying you can listen to the podcast whilst having breakfast, brushing your teeth or commuting to work.

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Founder & Producer

Hello, my name is Louise Kulbicki, I am a native British-English speaker and I’m the Founder & Producer of Study Legal English. I am based between London and Milan. 

I began teaching English as a foreign language in 2013, after training and working in the legal field, specialising in legal English. Since then, I’ve taught people from over 25 countries around the world how to improve their English including lawyers from Odebrecht (Brazil), PAO Unipro, EON group (Russia), Souto Correa (Brazil) and Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners (Japan) and am experienced as a keynote speaker on legal topics (Oxford University, UCL, Antwerp University, Rio+20, UN Interregional Crime and Justice Conference). I have an undergraduate degree and Masters degree in Law with further teaching qualifications and legal work experience. I am also a member of the European Legal English Teachers’ Association (EULETA). I provide private legal English classes online and in-house legal training. 

Throughout my time teaching I became aware of the lack of resources for non-native English speaking lawyers to improve their legal English. So I combined my experience as a qualified TEFL teacher and practical experience in the legal field to set up Study Legal English in 2016.





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Global Audience

Global Audience

Mission Statement

“Helping lawyers and law students become  fluent in legal English.”