Study Legal English uses the following products and services


Audacity: Free open source audio editing software.

Auphonic: We use Auphonic to mix the audio of the Study Legal English Podcasts. Auphonic use special algorithms to mix the audio at very reasonable rates. Thank you to the Auphonic team.

Podigee: Our podcast hosting platform and webplayer is provided by Podigee. It’s thanks to Podigee and Auphonic the podcasts have synchronised transcripts! Thank you to Mati and Ben for providing such a great service.

Freesound: Our podcast uses free samples by the following users: Foolboymedia, Rhodesmas, Corsica_s

Pond5: Our podcast uses music licensed from Pond5. 

Practice Portuguese: Practice Portuguese is a fellow podcasting website and a massive  source of inspiration for our podcast. It’s a great example of a language learning via podcasts and Joel has been very helpful with tips for setting up this podcast.


WordPress: Our website is based on the world’s most popular open-source website publishing platform – Wordpress.org

Themify: Our website uses the ‘Corporate’ theme from Themify. A fully customisable theme full of excellent features and great support.

Mailchimp: Our newsletters are sent out via MailChimp. A great management system for our newsletters and keeps your data safe! Not signed up to the newsletter? Do it now!

Heyoya: We have tried this plugin  before which allows us to capture audio messages from listeners who can then feature on the show! A fantastic idea and excellent support.

Legal Cheek: The photo of Lord Denning in sunglasses who sometimes pops up on the site is credited to Legal Cheek.

Vocaroo: The speak module for Podcast Pro Members uses the Vocaroo recording service.


Morguefile Creative Commons, Unsplash, Freepik: Free quality images. 

Podcast Pro Badges designed by:

Podcast Pro Membership

Stripe: Our payments are processed through the trusted payment system provided by Stripe.

MemberPress: Our Membership section is run by the MemberPress Plugin.

Paypal: We also use PayPal as a payment system.

WatuPro: The quizzes and achievements for each episode for Podcast Pro members are run by the plugin ‘WatuPro’ a great quiz plugin with lots of features.

H5P: A plugin with lots of testing options. 

Equipment & Software

 Yeti Blue Microphone and Zoom H1: Recording and editing audio.

FilmoraSamsung NX Mini: Recording and editing video.


The Prince’s Trust: A great organisation which helps young people find work and startup businesses. Louise Kulbicki, Founder & Producer of Study Legal English went on a startup business course with the Prince’s Trust and highly recommends this organisation!

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