Dmitry’s Tips: 3 Tips for Learning English

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1. Use The Primary Method: Study with Books

I am sure it is not possible to study English by simply watching English movies. Moreover, it is not an inevitable way to study English.  I think that there is only one inescapable way to do it (let’s call it ‘primary method’). In Russian it is called ‘a method of fifth point’, the English equivalent could be ‘someone’s seat method’ which means that you need to sit down, take English grammar books, English dictionaries and study English. As simple as that. You need to use this way of learning English irrespective of who you are. The only problem is that for the vast majority of people this way is extremely boring….

2. Use The Secondary Method: Watch videos, listen to podcasts and the radio

All other ways (‘secondary’ methods) are not necessary but they can significantly help you to improve your English and make this process interesting for you through the rest of your life.

For example, I use:

  • videos on Youtube as well as series which I’m interested in (I’ll speak more about this in a later blog post);
  • podcasts – simply download a podcast app or iTunes and you can access many great podcasts for free;
  • radio shows – I like listening to the British radio show LBC.

3. Have the Right Attitude: Remember it is an ongoing process

It is extremely important to remember that learning English is an endless process.

  • Firstly, because there is always space for improvement, and;
  • Secondly, even if you are happy with your English at the moment you need to maintain it at least at the same level.

Unlike primary method, the efficiency of any secondary method is a case by case issue. That is why I think it is important for everyone to try a few secondary methods and take those (or a mix of those) that are the most efficient, specifically for him/her. Combine this with the right attitude and your English will improve!

Stay tuned for my next blog post coming soon!