E137: Barrie J. Roberts – Negotiating Success: How English Learners Can Master Principled Negotiation (Interview)

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🗒️ About this episode: In Episode 137 of the Study Legal English Podcast, I interview Barrie J. Roberts, author of “The Getting to Yes Guide for ESL Students and Professionals: Principled Negotiation for Non-Native Speakers of English.” Barrie shares insights from her unique career transition from a public interest lawyer to an ESL instructor and mediator. We discuss her book, which acts as a guide for non-native English speakers to use when reading “Getting to Yes” by Roger FisherWilliam L. Ury , Bruce Patton.  The discussion also covers the essence of principled negotiation, the importance of understanding negotiation terms in context, difficult words such as “settle for” and “BATNA” and practical tips for using her book effectively alongside the seminal work “Getting to Yes.”

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