E87 – Contract Drafting Tips with Natasha Costello (Interview)

🗒️ About this episode:

  • Do you draft contracts in English?
  • Do you know the common mistakes?
  • Want some tips to improve?

Get some contract drafting tips in this week’s episode where I interview Natasha Costello.  Natasha has over 16 years of experience teaching legal English, she is a qualified solicitor and works as an independent legal English teacher in Paris. She teaches practising lawyers in law firms and law students in universities. You can connect with Natasha on ⁠LinkedIn⁠ or via ⁠email⁠.

*Correction: I mention that Stephen Horowitz had a student who said his professor or boss would be insulted if he wrote in a specific way. Correction – it was not about short sentences. It was about a very explicit writing style. A writer-responsible style rather than a reader-responsible style that leaves more for the reader to infer.

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