FLASH SALE: OnlineTOLES courses buy one get one free (Announcement)

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This weekend I’m running a flash sale on my online TOLES courses. I’ve got a huge offer on and that is: buy 1 get 1 free. It means if you sign up and pay the full price, you will get a free place on that course for a friend or colleague. So essentially each of you will only pay 50%. This offer is only valid until Sunday 10th July 2022 and ends on that day at 11.59pm CET. 

🔓To take advantage of this offer:

➡️Find a friend or colleague who will study with you ➡️ Go to www.studylegalenglish.com/courses  ➡️Click on either TOLES Foundation Exam Preparation Course or TOLES Higher Exam Preparation Course ➡️ Click book a class and from the drop-down and choose the dates when you would like to study ➡️ Fill in the form with your details and pay for the course ➡️Send an email to Louise@studylegalenglish.com with your friend’s details to register them on the same course as you at no extra cost.

😁It’s super simple. Start improving your legal English!

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