Prize Winner 2019-2020! (Announcement)

Study Legal English New Year Prize 2018 2019
Pro membership

The competition

At the end of last year I launched the Study Legal English New Year Prize 2019-2020. Entrants to the competition had to like and tag a friend in a photo posted on my Facebook and Instagram page – simple. A big thank you to everyone who entered!

The winner

I am very pleased to announce this year’s winner is Bea Bento, who has been awarded one year of Podcast Pro membership. When I contacted  Bea to announce that she had won she said:

“Hi Louise , first of all I love your podcast thank you for the work you are doing. I’m a Brazilian corporate lawyer, working here in Brazil. I’ve done an exchange student year when I was 17 in the US, and this is where I’ved learnt English.  I would love to improve my English to use at my work, and maybe get new opportunities. I think it’s that… and I’m really excited with the announcment! Thank you for making this opportunity for us!”

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