Study Legal English Podcast Episodes.

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    • Some episodes of the Study Legal English Podcast are grouped into legal English courses which you should follow from the beginning to the end.
    • Other episodes are not in any specific order so you can choose where to start such as from the first episode.
    • You can filter by the difficulty of English – for example: beginner, intermediate or advanced.
    • You can filter by episode type – for example: article, dialogue or interview.
    • You can filter by subject – for example: corporate law, networking for lawyers.
  • Articles: In these episodes an article focusing on a particular legal issue, news story or legal English skill, is read at a slow pace and then at a fast pace to help with your legal English aural comprehension.

    Interviews: In these episodes lawyers such as law professors, barristers, solicitors and people working in the legal field are interviewed so that you can learn from experts.

    Dialogues: These episodes focus on a particular legal English topic and contain either one narrator or fictional scripted dialogues between native English and sometimes non-native English speakers to help you understand legal English in practice.

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