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The most EFFECTIVE way to learn legal English. 

Podcast Pro membership is full of benefits to help you improve your legal English, including resources to help you with vocabulary, listening skills, and more. This membership is perfect for lawyers and other legal professionals who are DEDICATED to achieving the BEST results. 



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Before I tell you all about this membership, let’s talk about who this is really for. 

Do you want the most EFFECTIVE membership?

You’re a high-achiever with a lot of ambition. You’re tired of your legal English language skills holding you back.  You are ready to start your journey to your end goal – making more money, gaining new international clients, and working on your dream job. You know that EFFORT = RESULTS and you’re willing to put in the hard work to be the best.

Whether you’re…

A law student studying for LLB, LLM, or the Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES)

A lawyer dreaming of working in international law

A legal translator needing to keep up to date with legal English

A legal English teacher looking for resources for students

Another legal professional e.g. paralegals, judges, law academics, looking to improve. 

You’re in the right place my friend, and I’m going to tell you exactly how PRO membership will give you the tools, inspiration, and support on your journey to improving your legal English. 

What will I learn 3

By the end of this year’s membership you will have:

Learnt new vocabulary

By listening to the podcast and following the transcripts you will learn vocabulary much faster. 

Learnt legal concepts

The podcast contains information about legal topics, from contract drafting to dispute resolution. 

been inspired by experts

Listen to interviews with legal experts and learn new vocabulary, concepts, and tips directly from them. 

Tested your knowledge

Quizzes and interactive exercises will help you learn and know where to improve. 

Tracked your progress

Your own achievements page will show you (and others like your teacher) how you are progressing. 


Take podcast courses and earn certificates which you can share on your LinkedIn page. 

Don’t worry…

Hi, I’m Louise! I’m here to support you on your legal English journey. 

I’m ready to answer your questions over in the Facebook learning community group, on Instagram, or email, so you will never feel lost or unsupported.


Louise Kulbicki support
Will I like it

You will LOVE your PRO membership!


It is just perfect!

Beatrice Bento
Lawyer, Brazil


As a consultant, entrepreneur, and candidate lawyer I would like to thank you for the effort you put on legal English. Unfortunately, there are not so many resources available on Legal English and studylegalenglish.com and your podcasts provide a significant amount of assistance.

Ahmet Sungur
Student, Consultant, Turkey


Being a member has helped me to know more about legal vocabulary and improve my skills in speaking, also it has helped me a lot to draft contracts.

Salim Chemas Torres
Student, Mexico


I like this webpage a lot because it has different topics, which includes different concepts and vocabulary, and interesting advice for lawyers from all over the world. So, I am very happy with the subscription. It helps me improve my legal English vocabulary which is very important to the work-life as a lawyer (from wherever) and to introduce me to the common law legal system. 

Emiliana Soria Elsner
Lawyer, Spain
What do I get slant

What’s inside Podcast PRO Membership?


Membership Page

Access many of your benefits from one page. 



Podcast Lite page


Sychronised transcripts

While you listen you can read the transcript in the podcast player.



Podcast LITE sync transcript

PDF Transripts

You can download transcripts and read through before and after listening. You can print these and take note of new vocabulary. 

Transcript doc


Lesson Plans

Access lesson plans to be used with the podcast episodes so you can self-study or learn with a teacher. 



Lesson plan

Top 10 Mistakes in Legal English

Access a bonus document to make sure YOU are not making these mistakes!

10 mistakes



Earn certificates by taking podcast courses. You can download, print and display these certificates or share them on LinkedIn. 



Legal English Podcast Course Certificate

Vocabulary Lists

Get downloadable lists of vocabulary, collocations, and prepositional phrases. 

Legal English Vocabulary Lists


Achievements page

Track your progress and share your achievements with others. Earn badges for taking quizzes, see your quiz marks, and access your certificates. 




Pro Classroom 

Access Pro Classroom (episodes 61-94) featuring many resources: flashcards, quizzes, reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises. 

Legal English Podcast Pro Classroom


Diverse topics

Learn about a range of topics including contract drafting, alternative dispute resolution, English Legal System, Test of Legal English Skills and more. 



Podcast Lite computer set

Premium Podcast 

Access bonus podcast episodes, including short summaries of episodes and deep-dive episodes covering legal English vocabulary. 

Legal English Premium Podcast

Is this good for TOLES?

Yes! I teach students around the world to help them prepare for TOLES and I prepare many of the podcast episodes with TOLES in mind. The exercises included in PRO membership are ideal for testing yourself in preparation for the Test of Legal English Skills.

Louise Kulbicki TOLES

What’s the difference between LITE and PRO membership?


Benefit  LITE    PRO  
MP3 downloads✔️✔️
Synced transcripts✔️✔️
PDF transcripts✔️✔️
Member account page✔️✔️
Member benefits page✔️✔️
Member achievements page✔️
Premium podcast episodes✔️
Vocabulary lists✔️
Pre episode 99
Podcast PRO classroom
Episodes 61-94
Earn podcast course certificates✔️
BONUS: 2 x lesson plans✔️✔️
BONUS: Top 10 legal English mistakes✔️✔️
BONUS: Smart goals toolkit*
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Podcasts are an AMAZING way to learn a language.

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You can immerse yourself in the language in a way that fits your busy schedule.

✅ You can listen on your commute to WORK. On your lunch BREAK.  Just before you go to SLEEP.

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I can’t wait…

to see you inside! 

I’m looking forward to welcoming you as a PRO member. I want you to succeed. Take the step towards improving your career TODAY!