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Updated: 9th March 2022


What is this privacy policy?

This privacy policy tells you what data we collect, how we use it, and why.  By using this website you’re agreeing to this privacy policy.

If you’re under 18 you probably have better things to do than study legal English. If you insist, you must use this site with a parent or guardian. If we find out you’ve been browsing here without supervision, we’ll remove your personal data from our servers.

Who are we?

Study Legal English is the website name of Louise Kulbicki, registered as an individual company for school and language courses, in Lecco, Italy, with P.IVA: 04015780135.



Prefer to read offline? Here’s the Study Legal English Privacy Policy as a PDF.

P.S. Yes you can use this as a study resource! Go ahead. 

What do these words mean?



Legal English is difficult. Data terms are confusing. 

To help you understand the terms we use here, we’ve got some definitions to help you out. These terms are represented by icons which you can see in the diagram on the left, and these icons are used throughout the policy.

If you find some words you are not sure about, check out the Terms and Conditions to find more exciting* definitions. 

*Honestly, they might not be that exciting. 

Pssst. Hey by the way did you know that in the USA they also use the word ‘cookies’ for a small sweet edible treat. In England we call them ‘biscuits’ (pronounced ‘biss-kits’ not ‘biz-kwits’, bizkwits sounds strange – don’t make that pronunciation mistake).

Your rights

What are your rights?



You may access, update and delete your personal data either via your Membership dashboard, by clicking unsubscribe on newsletters, or by emailing us. We will respond to your request within 30 days.

Please note: we may ask you to verify your identity before responding to such requests. From time to time we may contact you to ensure that the personal data we hold is accurate and correct.

What if you don’t understand?

Confucious said, “The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.” (Thanks to Sarah Fox for this quote in podcast episode 96.1 and 96.2!). 

We’ve tried to make this Privacy Policy readable and understandable, but it’s OK if you don’t understand it and it’s OK to send us a question about it. Send us an email to Info@studylegalenglish.com

Data collection

What data do we collect?

Some of the types of data we collect are shown in the picture on the left – personal data (marked by the dark blue dot) and usage data (marked by the light blue dot).


Sometimes you find links to other sites here on this website. Obviously, we don’t control the internet universe, and those sites are not owned or controlled by us. If you can’t get enough of privacy policies, you should definitely go and read the privacy policies of those sites. 



When do we collect data?

We collect personal data when you provide it to us (we don’t have magic robots that can suck out this data from you). We collect usage data when you use the site. Check out this snazzy picture for examples, remember dark blue = personal data and light blue = usage data.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies and similar technologies to track website activity and optimise your experience. Examples:

  • When you sign up to our mailing list, cookies are used so we don’t ask you to sign up again;
  • When you log in to your member account, cookies allow your device to remember your log in details.

Here, the server sends cookies to your device to be stored. When you revisit these pages, your device sends the cookies back to the server, allowing us to access the data collected. 

How do we use your data?


We want you to have a good user experience. We use your data to provide and improve our service to you. For example:

  • World domination Oh wait… we scrapped that idea.
  • To send you a bill;
  • To monitor and analyse website usage;
  • To send you emails about legal English news and promotions;
  • To comply with the law.

Data storage

Where do we store your data?

Our web hosting provider Site Ground backs up and stores your data on their servers which are located in Europe. The information is only collected and stored to allow users to use the site and it is backed up so that if a problem occurs, the site will be able to be restored.

How long do we keep your data?

We keep your data so you can use this website with ease. If you are a member, we will keep your personal data for as long as you are a member. If you are a casual browser, we’ll keep it for as long as you continue to browse. 

If you cancel your membership or if you tried but didn’t complete the membership sign-up process we will keep your personal data for up to ten years. This is so that if you choose to complete the sign-up process or restart your account, your information will still be available so that you can continue using the services. You can always request us to delete it before then.

Data sharing

When do we share your data?

Study Legal English does not share any of your personal data with any third parties for promotional purposes. We will only disclose your personal data in good faith if:

➡️ you have consented to us sharing your information;
➡️ we are required to do so by law or for national security.

Who else collects my data?

To run this website, we rely on a few third-party service providers. The diagram on the left shows some of our third-party service providers and the data they collect including:

Data security

How do we keep your data safe?

We cannot guarantee absolute security but if there is a security breach, we will notify you and report this to the relevant authority. We take data security very seriously and have safeguards in place to protect your information including:

Secure socket layer: We encrypt the transmission of any confidential information entered on our website using SSL technology so that it cannot be read, if intercepted.

Secure hosting: We use the website host Site Ground which is one of the best and most preferred hosting providers on the market.

Policy update

Will we update this Privacy Policy?

We may change this privacy policy from time to time. The most current version is this one. Check back regularly for any changes. By continuing to use the website after any changes, you agree to the revised Privacy Policy.


Content: Louise Kulbicki    Design: Sofija Belajcic

This privacy policy was inspired by Stefania Passera’s work and the Contract Design Pattern Library