New Year Prize Announcement 

A big congratulations to the winner of the Study Legal English New Year Prize, Zandra Garza González, who has been awarded six-months of Podcast Pro membership! When I contacted Zandra to announce that she had won she said \”Wow I never win prizes!\” she told me a little bit about herself:

Hi, my name is Zandra and I am a lawyer from Mexico. I am very happy I won this prize, because it will help me in my career. I live in the north part of Mexico, so legal English is frequently used in corporate law. Thank you so much for the prize! I am sure it will be of much help!

Of course a big thank you to all the listeners who entered the competition. Other announcements are about the new features which I\’ll be introducing this year. Check out the \’Podcast Pro Classroom\’. 

Zandra Garza Gonzalez, Winner of the Study Legal English New Year Prize

Zandra Garza Gonzalez

Winner of the Study Legal English New Year Prize
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