Prize Winner! (Announcement)

The winner of the Study Legal English New Year Prize is Mr Wei Zhao, a Chinese lawyer who specialises in construction law and focuses on the energy and infrastructure sector.  Listeners had to send in a photo with a caption to show what legal English means to them.

Wei Zhao sent in a photo showing his Chinese license to practise law and a book about becoming a barrister. The photo and caption show that legal English can help you in your current work and in your future goals. 

So a big congratulations to Wei Zhao who has been awarded one year Podcast Pro membership!

Of course a big thank you to all the listeners who entered the competition. 

Wei Zhao, Winner of the Study Legal English New Year Prize

Wei Zhao

Winner of the Study Legal English New Year Prize

Mr Wei Zhao said:

Hello, my name is Wei Zhao. It is so honored (such an honour) for me to receive the prize.

I am a Chinese lawyer, specialising in construction law and focus on (the) energy and infrastructure sector. I have been practising Chinese law for ten years, but use little English in my daily work and life. For career development, I plan to study English and English law in recent years. My future aim is to become a barrister in England and Wales, and engage in China-UK legal business in (the) future.

Although I have been using the Study Legal English Podcast just for one month, it soon caught me. Because it can not only teach English, but also teach English law. The teacher (Louise) is a native English speaker with a background in law and education. She is very patient and has a variety of courses. For example, interviews with foreign lawyers give me an insight into the foreign law. All this is very attractive and suitable for me.

Thank you very much for giving me this prize. I wish Study Legal English Podcast more and more successful (success).

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