Podcast Pro Get Started 2: Podcast Pro Material

Step 1: First click ‘Login’ on the top right hand corner of the sight.

Step 2: Enter your email and password and click Log In.

Step 3: Here is your dashboard. You can start learning straight away by choosing ‘Latest Podcast’ ‘All Podcasts’ or ‘Courses’.

Step 4: If we choose ‘All Podcasts’ we can see all the podcasts. Next choose a podcast you want to listen to. You can search by level, episode type and tags.

Step 5: Now when you click on the episode you can access all the Podcast Pro features. 

Step 6: Click on ‘Collocations’ these are words which you commonly find together.

Step 7: Click on vocabulary. Here you can see vocabulary, the definition and an example sentence.

Step 8: Click on Speak. Here you can practise your pronunciation.

Step 9: Click on Quiz. Here you can test your knowledge.

Step 10: You can download transcripts and mp3s on the download tab.