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What is PRO?

Podcast PRO membership allows individuals to access a wide range of membership benefits. Included in this membership is:

Can I test it?

You can try the features out here

Who is it for?

Podcast PRO membership is the ideal membership for individuals with any level of Legal English, who are determined to improve their Legal English. This membership allows you to get the most out of the Study Legal English Podcast at a reasonable price.  You can study whenever, wherever you are in the world on your mobile, laptop or tablet. PRO membership is great for:

  • Legal English teachers and university professors who want to save time with bespoke lesson plans
  • Lawyers who want a comprehensive site for all their Legal English needs 
  • LLB or LLM law students who want to set themselves apart from the competition 

How does it work?

Once you sign up for PRO membership you can access all your member benefits on each podcast episode page. 

What if I want more options?

If you have feedback or ideas for Study Legal English, get in touch.  If you belong to a small or large team that wants to improve their Legal English, you should get in touch about corporate or institutional membership options.


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