Teacher-led Courses Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for participants in teacher-led courses. 

Updated: 6th June 2022 

1. Payment

1.1. Full payment for the course must be made prior to starting the course.

1.2. The course fees include course materials necessary to complete the course.

1.3. If you cancel your registration for an online course 14 days before the start of the course you will receive a 100% refund. If you cancel your registration for a face-to-face course 30 days before the start of the course you will receive a 100% refund.

2. Data

2.1. As a part of the registration process, you are required to disclose the information necessary for us to carry out the service.

2.2.  The teacher may from time-to-time record lessons to be used in promotional content. Please advise us at the time of booking if you do not wish to appear in any promotional material by sending an email to info@studylegalenglish.com.

3. Course schedule

3.1. Courses will be held on the dates specified in the course schedule. We reserve the right to reschedule a lesson or course for example if the requisite number of students is not reached or due to teacher illness. Students will be notified by email of any changes.

3.2. You are expected to attend the course on the scheduled dates and if you are absent from a lesson it cannot be recovered.

4. Course rules 

4.1.  You are expected to arrive at class on time. If you are more than 15 minutes late you may not be permitted to enter class. If you are unable to attend your class send an email to louise@studylegalenglish.com.

4.2. During online and face-to-face courses you will be expected to:

  • speak English;
  • participate in class (for example, reading, answering questions); and
  • be respectful to others.

For online courses you will be aditionally expected to:

  • keep your camera on (if this is an issue please email louise@studylegalenglish.com);
  • mute your microphone when you are not speaking; and
  • connect to the call from an appropriate location (not in your car, not somewhere noisy).

4.3. Teaching materials are subject to copyright. Unless specified otherwise, these materials are owned by Louise Kulbicki and you must not copy or reproduce the materials.

4.4. The following equipment is strongly recommended for you to maximise your online course experience:

  • a laptop or desktop computer (not a tablet or mobile phone);
  • headset with headphones and microphone; and
  • internet connection with a download speed of more than 10Mbps and upload speed of more than 1Mbps (run an internet speed test on http://www.speedtest.net).

4.5. You must not record the classes without the teacher’s express written permission.  

5. General

5.1. These terms are governed by English law and parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

5.2. These terms of business represent the entire agreement reached by the parties.

5.3. We may revise these terms from time to time. Please check this page to take notice of any changes.

5.4. Courses are aimed at teaching legal English and are not to be taken as legal advice.

Contact information

If you have any queries regarding any of our terms, email info@studylegalenglish.com.