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Study Legal English Teachers Blueprint 2018Introducing the 1st edition of the Study Legal English Teacher’s Blueprint. This is a plan for implementing a blended learning approach in your own Legal English classes using the Study Legal English Podcast. This document is free to download, aimed at Legal English teachers, and contains 10 practical exercises for you to use.


You may be interested in using podcasts in your own classroom but you are unsure of the kind of exercises you can use with students. This document gives you specific exercises to use with the Study Legal English Podcast, which can be adapted to other fields even outside of language learning. 

You can share this document as you wish – tweak these exercises to fit your needs, but please cite the document when you use it as: Louise Kulbicki, The Study Legal English Teacher’s Blueprint, 2018. Good luck using these exercises and send me your feedback to

This document was presented at the EULETA Conference 2018. You can watch this presentation below.