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What is TEAM-5 Membership?

Podcast TEAM-5 membership allows 5 team members to have access to Podcast Pro material at a discount compared to the price for individuals who buy PRO individual membership. Included in this membership is:

Can I test it?

You can try the features out here

Who is it for?

Podcast TEAM-5 membership is the ideal membership for small teams of up to 5 who want to progress with their Legal English.  For example, it is great for teams of:

  • Legal English teachers who work for ESL or ESP language schools
  • Legal English professors who work in the Law or Legal linguistics department at universities
  • Lawyers who work in small law firms dealing with common law or international law
  • Law students studying an LLB or LLM degree or modules using Legal English

How does it work?

One person signs up for TEAM-5 membership and acts as the administrator, paying for the account. This person can then log in to his or her member dashboard and create 4 sub accounts or share a link with 4 other team members for them to sign up for free.  The administrator and each sub account member gain access to Podcast Pro material. 

How are sub-accounts created?

To add sub-accounts the administrator must login to his or her account, go to the Subscriptions page (Membership dashboard > Account > Subscriptions) and click on ‘Sub Accounts’. Here it is possible to add sub accounts in the following ways:

  1. Manually entering the member details
  2. Sharing the ‘Sign up URL’ with members
  3. Importing sub accounts via a CSV file (make sure the file is saved as a ‘CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)’.)

When importing members manually or with a CSV file make sure you check the box which says either:

  • ‘Send NEW members the welcome email’
  • ‘Send NEW members a password reset link (does not email existing members)’
  • ‘Send NEW members the welcome email if they haven’t received it already for the membership.’

This way your sub account member will get sent a welcome email from Study Legal English telling them how to log into their account. If you do not check this box you will have to tell your user that they can sign in but they will have to say ‘password forgotten’ to reset their password.

How can I sign up for Team-5?

Get in touch if you would like to discuss membership for teams of 5 or more.