E27 – Tim Wood talks Court Reporting and Legal Tours (Interview)

‘I was sitting in the Old Bailey one day, listening to a very interesting case…. I looked up into the public gallery and there was not a soul in there. And I thought, people would like to listen to this’

An interview with Tim Wood who worked for many years as a successful journalist, reporting on some of the most important criminal court cases. Tim went on to set up Old Bailey Insight and Legal London Tours which provide tours around the Royal Courts of Justice and ‘Old Bailey’ – The Central Criminal Court.  We talk about:

● What the job of a court reporter is like and how the profession has changed;
● What happens on Tim’s tours including visiting the Royal Courts of Justice, the Old Bailey and the Inns of Court;
● The new Rolls Building in London, the centre of international dispute resolution.

Find out more about Old Bailey Insight and Legal London Tours.

Listen to this short interview extract as a taster. Tim is talking about the Inns of Court:

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