E51 – Judge Al Hasan’s Experience Learning English (Interview)

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🗒️ About this episode: In today’s episode we hear from Judge Naser Alhasan, he is a Syrian judge, who like millions of other people, fled to Turkey due to the Syrian war. He has a wealth of legal expertise, but when he moved to Turkey he came across many barriers due to language. Thankfully he came across ILAC  (International Legal Assistance Consortium), an organisation that works with legal experts from around the world to help rebuild justice systems in countries which are affected by conflict. ILAC in collaboration with AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers) were running a fantastic ground-breaking project offering free legal English training to legal professionals displaced by war. So, Judge Alhasan began studying on this course and in today’s episode he shares his experience of learning English.

This episode is a great opportunity to hear from another English learner and to practise your listening skills, hearing a Syrian accent in English.

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