E80 – My Experience as a Litigation Lawyer with Alex Woods (Interview)

🗒️ About this episode:

In this episode I interview Alex Woods, Senior Solicitor & Owner of Redwood Legal Ltd – a boutique law firm specialising in civil litigation with offices in London and Nottingham and with a special interest in helping the Polish community in the UK and a specialist Polish website. It was a lovely summer’s evening in London and we are sat in Lincoln’s Inn, London – but the episode is not endorsed by Lincoln’s Inn!

In this interview we talk about:

  • Why Alex specialised in litigation and his role
  • What no-win-no-fee is
  • Examples of Alex’s work
  • What Alex would change about our justice system

Alex’s also runs a site with free help and advice on small claims and he runs a very helpful YouTube channel. There is also an internship opportunity with Alex’s firm Redwood Legal Ltd. They are looking for an intern in their Polish office. For further information contact: info@redwoodlegal.co.uk

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