E84 – My Visit to Gray’s Inn (Vlog)

🗒️ About this episode:

  • Do you know what an Inn of Court is?
  • Do you know the difference between a barrister and solicitor?
  • Do you want to know a magical legal site to visit in London? 

Find out the answers to these questions and learn Legal English vocabulary with this episode. Here I visit the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, one of the four Inns of Court in London, England. I talk about the Inns of Court and give specific information about Gray’s Inn. Please note that permission is required to film in Gray’s Inn, I would like to say thank you to Gray’s Inn for granting me permission to make this vlog and note that this video is not endorsed by Grays’ Inn.

In England and Wales we distinguish between barristers and solicitors, in your country is there a distinction between different types of lawyers? Email me Louise@studylegalenglish.com or leave a message below.

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