E26 – Vice-President Xavier Costa talks about AIJA (Interview)

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🗒️ About this episode: ‘AIJA betters people’ An interview with Xavier Costa, Vice-President of AIJA (The International Association of Young Lawyers) and Senior Associate at leading law firm Roca Junyent, Barcelona, Spain.

We talk about how Xavier became a lawyer, his role as the Vice-President of AIJA and what AIJA is. We find out why Xavier is so passionate about AIJA and international law, and why so many lawyers join AIJA and don’t ever want to leave!

AIJA  is the only Global International Association of Lawyers aged forty-five and under and runs annual conferences such as the recent Half-Year Conference in Girona and with many events planned each year.

If you’re interested in becoming an AIJA member see here.

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