E94 – Daniel Edelson on techniques to improve legal English (Interview)

🗒️ About this episode: Today I interview Daniel Edelson – US attorney, adjunct professor at St. John’s Law, and founder of USlawessential.com. We talk about how to improve your legal English with:

● Visual examples

● Noticing

● Rephrasing

● Summarising

You’ll also learn how to use the following terms and phrases: According to, under, and provides.

There are 2 bonus podcast episodes this week for Podcast PRO members only:

1. Summary: Daniel Edelson Interview

2. Vocabulary: Daniel Edelson Interview – Explanations of vocabulary and differences between US and UK terms. These include links to helpful resources.

What techniques and resources do you use to study legal English? 

Send me an email to Louise@studylegalenglish.com or join in the conversation on social media @legalenglisher.

If you have a question for Daniel contact him at daniel@uslawessentials.com.

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