E25 – Sources of Law – Reading an Act of Parliament (Monologue)

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🗒️ About this episode: If you’re a law student studying a law course in English you may have to read an Act of Parliament or if you’re a lawyer working for international clients you may from time-to-time have to consult U.K. legislation. In today’s episode we look at how to read an Act of Parliament using the Criminal Finances Acts 2017 as an example. We learn about:

  • The different parts of an Act of Parliament such as sections, subsections, paragraphs and subparagraphs;
  • Legal vocabulary for example: ‘body corporate’, ‘respondent’, ‘commission an offence’, ‘amend the law’ and many more.

If you’re curious to look at more legislation head over to www.legislation.gov.uk.  This is an excellent site for looking up U.K. legislation and has a great glossary of terms in the help section.

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